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Legal Automation

Real Estate Automation

Lead Management Bot

Legal Automation

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Legal Automation

Automate document review, contract analysis, and compliance checks to save time and reduce errors.

Real Estate Automation

Simplify property management, client interactions, and data analysis for better decision-making.

Lead Management Bot

lead management tool, professional firms can enhance their ability to capture, track, and convert leads, ultimately leading to more effective client acquisition and higher conversion rates.

Custom Solutions

Tailored AI solutions to meet your unique business needs, ensuring optimal performance and ROI.

Our Custom AI Tools

Multilingual Lead Management

What a Lead Management Tool Does for a Professional Firm

A lead management tool is designed to help professional firms effectively capture, track, nurture, and convert potential clients (leads) into actual clients. It streamlines the process of managing interactions with prospective clients, ensuring that no opportunities are missed and that leads are followed up with in a timely and organized manner. Here’s a breakdown of the key functions and benefits:


    • CRM Integration: Syncs with CRM systems to ensure seamless data flow and avoid duplication.
    • Marketing Platforms: Integrates with marketing automation tools to align marketing and sales efforts.
    • Communication Tools: Connects with email and messaging platforms to streamline communication.

Real Estate AI Tools

Real Estate AI Tools

We connect to regional property databases via API to analyze listing information, market trends, sales history based on property types. With our AI we provide:
Examples of databases we work with would be

Legal AI Tools

Legal AI Tools

For legal professionals, our AI integrates with popular databases like Westlaw, Justia, Lex Machina, Kira, and ROSS Intelligence to automate:


Real Estate Industry Questionnaire

  1. Lead Management:
    • How do you currently manage leads and follow-ups?
    • What challenges do you face in tracking potential clients?
  2. Property Data:
    • How do you gather and analyze market trends and sales history?
    • Do you have difficulty accessing up-to-date property data?
  3. Equity and Rental Analysis:
    • How do you currently calculate property equity and rental potential?
    • Are there any pain points in generating these reports?
  4. Construction Budgets:
    • How do you manage and track construction budgets for projects?
    • Are there inefficiencies or errors in your current budgeting process?
  5. Tax Benefits:
    • How do you identify and analyze tax benefits for properties?
    • Do you encounter challenges in staying compliant with tax regulations?
  6. Client Communication:
    • How do you communicate with clients about property details and market trends?
    • Is there a delay or inefficiency in providing information to clients?
  7. Data Integration:
    • How integrated are your data sources (property databases, budgets, etc.)?
    • Do you spend a lot of time manually compiling data from different sources?
  8. Decision-Making:
    • How do you make decisions regarding property investments and sales?
    • Do you have all the necessary data readily available for decision-making?
  9. Time Management:
    • How much time do you spend on repetitive tasks like data entry and report generation?
    • Would automating these tasks free up time for more strategic activities?
  10. Technology Adoption:
    • Have you previously implemented any AI or automation solutions in your business?
    • If so, what were the results? If not, what has prevented you from doing so?

Law Industry

  1. Legal Research:
    • How do you currently conduct legal research?
    • What are the biggest challenges you face in finding relevant case law and statutes?
  2. Document Creation:
    • How do you create legal documents and contracts?
    • Are there repetitive tasks in document creation that could be automated?
  3. Contract Analysis:
    • How do you review and analyze contracts?
    • Do you encounter bottlenecks or errors during the contract review process?
  4. Case Management:
    • How do you manage case information and client communications?
    • Are there inefficiencies in your current case management system?
  5. Compliance and Risk Management:
    • How do you ensure compliance with legal regulations and manage risks?
    • Do you find it challenging to stay updated with changing laws and regulations?
  6. Data Integration:
    • How do you integrate data from various legal databases (e.g., Westlaw, Justia)?
    • Do you face difficulties in compiling and synthesizing data from multiple sources?
  7. Billing and Time Tracking:
    • How do you track billable hours and manage client billing?
    • Are there issues with accuracy or efficiency in your current billing system?
  8. Client Intake:
    • How do you handle new client intake and onboarding?
    • Are there manual processes that could be streamlined or automated?
  9. Litigation Support:
    • How do you prepare for litigation and manage court documents?
    • Do you have trouble keeping track of deadlines and filing requirements?
  10. Technology Adoption:
    • Have you previously implemented any AI or automation solutions in your practice?
    • If so, what were the results? If not, what has prevented you from doing so?

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